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JCFC Endorses the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
back of woodshed at JCFC's Ashland woodlot, with a banner showing JCFC's name, calling for volunteers, etc.

JCFC Benefit Program

firewood logs painted with measurements to demonstrate what sizes are available at JCFC's Ashland woodlot


JCFC volunteers work to provided free-of-charge firewood for low-income families struggling to heat their homes.

Volunteers call JCFC members to follow up next steps on members who have requested advocacy to stop utility shutoffs or help pay down their bills

Utility Advocacy

Volunteer utility advocates work with JCFC members to stop utility shutoffs and work out affordable payment plans.


Teams of volunteers, using donated supplies, work with JCFC members to install window insulation and other measures to make homes warmer and energy efficient during the winter.

Distribution of Heating and Cooling Equipment

Through donations from JCFC supporters, fans, a/c window units, heaters and other equipment are provided to JCFC members struggling to keep warm or cool during extreme temperatures.

Information and Referral

JCFC volunteers maintain a list of community resources to aid JCFC members in filling needs that fall outside the scope of JCFC’s other listed benefits.


JCFC's newsletter, Ye Old Saw, seeks to tell every JCFC member, volunteer, supporter and friend of the organization the story of what JCFC is doing.

Become part of the Solution!

As a 100% volunteer-run association, JCFC urgently needs volunteers to get involved to make these and other benefits possible.

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120 West Second Street | Phoenix, OR 97535

Keeping the home fires burning

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Keeping the home fires burning